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Dragon Ball Fusions and Nintendo 3DS XL :icondelvallejoel:delvallejoel 5 5 Brock O. Lee (DBZ Extreme Butoden) :icondelvallejoel:delvallejoel 17 0 Brock O. Lee (Budokai 3 Portrait)(SSj) :icondelvallejoel:delvallejoel 18 3 Brock O. Lee (Budokai 3 portrait) :icondelvallejoel:delvallejoel 21 18 Brock O. Lee (Budokai 3 portrait) PREVIEW :icondelvallejoel:delvallejoel 4 0 Brock O. Lee mugshot 2 :icondelvallejoel:delvallejoel 13 0 Brock O. Lee mugshot :icondelvallejoel:delvallejoel 10 4 Brock vs Kapsico :icondelvallejoel:delvallejoel 12 16 Battle Of OCs Tournament Character ID :icondelvallejoel:delvallejoel 9 22 Brock Oswald Lee (LSW and JUS) :icondelvallejoel:delvallejoel 20 7 A fine day for mayoring... :icondelvallejoel:delvallejoel 3 4 What-if Vegito Wardrobe - Frieza Saga :icondelvallejoel:delvallejoel 17 2 Goku vs Superman JUS style :icondelvallejoel:delvallejoel 13 57 Brock O. Lee - DBXV :icondelvallejoel:delvallejoel 11 0 What-if Vegito Wardrobe - Extreme Butoden style 2 :icondelvallejoel:delvallejoel 18 14 What-if Vegito Wardrobe - Extreme Butoden style :icondelvallejoel:delvallejoel 16 13


Shigeru Nakatoni and Max Hatsutoku :iconmrbercikovsky:MrBercikovsky 4 1 Christmas 2016 - Peach :iconshadowluigi-ng:ShadowLuigi-NG 4 0 Christmas 2016 - Mario :iconshadowluigi-ng:ShadowLuigi-NG 3 0 Christmas 2016 - Luigi :iconshadowluigi-ng:ShadowLuigi-NG 3 0 Collab: Marios and luigisss :iconmariocatbros123:MarioCatBros123 41 7 Mario oddyssey :iconmariocatbros123:MarioCatBros123 46 9 Sonic Forces :iconsweetsilvy:SweetSilvy 159 50 Human Sonic :iconmaiyeng:maiyeng 113 36 Human Sonic redo :iconchibi-jen-hen:chibi-jen-hen 631 132 Sonic :human: :iconmaiyeng:maiyeng 671 252 GZB Char. Map 1 - Sonic :iconzeofox713:zeofox713 11 16 GZB Char. Map 2 - Human Sonic :iconzeofox713:zeofox713 12 12 Human Sonic Character Map :iconzeofox713:zeofox713 31 19 Sonic GZB Wallpaper 1 - Sonic :iconzeofox713:zeofox713 10 16 Sonic :iconkajikimaguro427:KajikiMaguro427 87 8 DBS comics Vegetto :icongoddessmechanic2:GoddessMechanic2 93 11




Dragon Ball Fusions and Nintendo 3DS XL
Got the 3DS since 2 days after my 22nd birthday and now the Dragon Ball Fusions today at April 10. Let the fun begin. :D
Brock O. Lee (DBZ Extreme Butoden)
Here is my OC based on Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden in their colors as a Super Saiyan. Since I used the colors from the portraits of the game, I might as well use the colors from the sprite sheet for him. What'cha think? This is what I mean when I based his physical appearance on Goku and his hairstyle from Gohan with Vegeta's complextion (and hair color (formerly purple)).

Brock O. Lee created by :icondelvallejoel:
Dragon Ball created by :iconakiratoriyamaplz:
Brock O. Lee (Budokai 3 Portrait)(SSj)
This time, I made my OC as a Super Saiyan. (I guess I just used the physical appearance of Gohan both Cell Saga and Buu Saga.)
Brock O. Lee (Budokai 3 portrait)
Here it is... My character Brock O. Lee with the colors I made for him profiling a portrait like how characters do in Budokai 3 from the cutscenes.
Brock O. Lee (Budokai 3 portrait) PREVIEW
I have been working for a while, but I think I'm doing well on the program I downloaded before. This is only something for me to show before I can upload the other after I'm done. Even though I'm tracing, but this could probably be easier for me to get use to drawing them.
Based on the video made by TeamFourStar's Lawrence "MasakoX" Simpson, when talking about the topic called "Is Goku Really Smart?" from throughout the series, he did then brought up about the theory of Goku's intelligence based on "The Theories of Multiple Intelligence" developed by Dr. Howard Gardner PhD. Which he explains it from this video here: 

He hasn't thought that Goku is really that stupid, even though he is "stubbornly naive and inconsiderate of others". Like how MasakoX says (though I am repeating things), if Goku really is that stupid, would he have accomplished any of the things he's done in the whole series? Not to mention that from the book I read titled ""It's Over 9,000!" When Worldviews Collide" by Derick Padula, it was told about the differences between Vegeta and Goku from their mindsets, that Vegeta's narrow-minded while Goku is broad-minded. There is a list of 9 things based on the theory by measuring one's intelligence: Verbal-Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical, Spatial-Visual, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Musical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Naturalist, and Existential Intelligence. MasakoX says that Goku is adept to at least 5 of them; which he has Spatial-Visual, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, and Naturalist intel. And here I thought he's just a combat genius as well as having an analysis on body movement and finding the Achilles heel. Then again, it is the first time learning about this of which I have not learned that in school. To all of you: do you think it fits based on Goku's smarts, or would a potted house plant beat his intelligence?

... Oh my god. MasakoX's video thumbnail looks exactly like the drawing that I did (but with a sort of saturation along with a sort of nerdy getup on him).
Son Goku (Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods) by delvallejoel


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Joel Antonio Del Valle
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
I started doing some artwork when I was 8 years old, by crafting (paper, pipe cleaners, clay, memory foam, or felt) and also draw digital or traditional on my own over years of practice. And not only I draw and make with random materials, but I can do voice impressions and/or mimic others sometimes, for fun I suppose, but still needs more work on my vocals to sound it exactly alike from the original. And someday, I would become a graphic designer, an animator, or a voice actor when I'm older. I'm also a nonchalant gamer as well.



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